At Premier Property Services, we understand that your deck should be a place of leisure and relaxation, but a worn deck can keep you from enjoying those summer cookouts and gatherings you so often think about having. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to complete the deck restoration your worn-out deck so desperately needs. We specialize in bringing decks back to life with our safe and effective cleaning, sealing, and repair services. We can also secure loose boards and railings, as well as replace wood as needed. Our wood restoration services also encompass fences, gazebos, pergolas, play-sets, and benches.

Deck Restoration and Wood Pressure Cleaning Service Options

We offer two cleaning options depending upon the condition of your deck. The first is a deep cleaning deck restoration service, and the second is a maintenance wash service. Our deep cleaning restores the wood to its original beauty and prepares it to be sealed or stained. This service is ideal if the main issue with your deck is that it has been stained from years of the elements, but doesn’t have as many structural issues. Our maintenance wash safely and effectively cleans existing stained finishes and removes dirt, mold, and mildew. This deck restoration service is ideal if your deck needs some minor repairs beyond the reach of normal cleaning. We will assess what option is right for your deck during your free consultation. Our deep cleaning process includes:

  • Our bleach-free detergent that provides the safest and most thorough results.
  • Just the right amount of pressure for an effective cleaning while preventing damage.
  • A pH balanced surface which leaves the wood prepared for future sealing or staining.

Watch Our Raleigh Deck Pressure Cleaning Video

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If you’re tired of your deck looking like it has been out in the elements without respite for far too long, Premier Property Services has the solution. Our deck restoration services in Raleigh can give your deck that brand-new look that it had when you first built it and can make it the highlight of summer gatherings once again. If you want to have the best-looking deck in the neighborhood, contact us today by telephone or online to schedule a free consultation!

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